Firstsource BPO – North Cybergate Alabang

For those of you frequenting the Alabang area. Ever wonder why so much construction going on? Well…Here’s another outsourcing company moving to the Philippines and will recruit soon. First source is among India’s leading BPO companies providing business process management services to global leaders in Banking & Financial Services, Telecom & Media and Healthcare!

Like CallCenterVet’s previous recruit topic ( Wachovia callcenter), Firstsource plans to start operations Q1 of next year! If not earlier. Right now, they are doing the recruit for Team Leaders ( Team Managers ) for their BPO. CallCenterVet got this inside track from one of his headhunters in one of the better callcenter Executive Search Companies in the country.
Want more information? Post your email address here and CallCenterVet will definitely let you know who does the recruit for first source. Sad thing CallCenterVet can’t take advantage of this first source opportunity himself. See, CallCenterVet live’s just a stone throw away from North Cybergate where he can hear all the construction going on day and night. So sad CallCenterVet needs to move to Q.C. in less than 2 months. 😦
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37 Responses to “Firstsource BPO – North Cybergate Alabang”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Please send me an update if you were to know the right people who can accept applications for Firstsource. I’ve been in customer service industry for more than 2 years and I was looking for a better options on my career as CSR.

    Your blog is very informative and updates you have posted about new call centers in alabang are very much appreciated.

  2. CallCenterVet Says:


    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it so much and really makes me feel good I was able to reach out to somebody this early. My blog is not even 24 hours old! Anyways, I’d love to send you the information about the people who can get you to Firstsource but I think you forgot to leave/post your email address where I can send it. hehehe.

    Post your email here and I’ll send you the information! 🙂 Peace!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi again,

    You can send me more info about Firstsource though my e-mail…

    Thanks for your help.

  4. CallCenterVet Says:

    Hi There!

    I emailed you the info just now. Good Luck to you! 🙂

  5. Anonymous Says:


    can you also send it to me? Im very much interested. 😀


    thanks a lot and keep up the blog!! ^_^

  6. CallCenterVet Says:

    Sent it to you,

    Thanks for the kudos! 🙂

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hello,i’m also interested. please send the details to thanks!

  8. Teddy Says:

    Hi callcentervet!

    I’m very interested regarding the Firstsource. pls email me the information about the people who can get me to Firstsource.

    my email address is


  9. CallCenterVet Says:

    Sent it to you just now at


    Keep on reading my blog! You’ll get the latest Call center scoop here!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! How are you? I’m very much interested to apply to the companies you mentioned in your blog. It’s good to know that there are people like you who take the time (eventhough for sure you are a busy person)to give greater
    knowledge/understanding about the call center/BPO industry in our country…it’s especially helpful to newbies/career shifters like me. It’s such a great pleasure reading all your post/tips at Keep up the good work!!! By the way, my email address is Thank you 🙂

  11. Anonymous Says:


    Thank you for giving us a heads up on the upcoming companies in Alabang. I used to work on a BPO company for 7 years and I’m curious to know the opportunities that this new company offer. My email address is

    Thank you so much for you time.

  12. CallCenterVet Says:

    Done. Sent you the contact details to 🙂

  13. Anonymous Says:

    w0w! this is nice… thanks to you! ^__^ i’m very much interested abt firstsource, something new is always fun. kindly send me the details at
    Thanks again!

  14. Anonymous Says:


    could you send me the info ’bout firstsource… thanks… here’s my email…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    hi there im interested on what you have posted in pinoyexchange please email me the details and the address so that i can apply anytime. its thanks in advance.

  16. Anonymous Says:


    Been a manager in a couple of call centers. Can you send me more info about first source?


  17. Anonymous Says:

    hi there so nice of you to help people in this industry …i would like to get an email from about this as well …e-mail me at


  18. Anonymous Says:


    please send me more info regarding Firstsource. here’s my email:

    many thanks!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Are they looking for Operations Managers? If they are I am interested -my email add is Thanks!

  20. Angela Says:

    Hi! PLease send info on this one too. Can’t access Viventis’ online application site. Email addy is Thanks!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Please inform me further about Firstsource… Thank you very much!

  22. CallCenterVet Says:

    Thanks for the Support! I have emailed the contact information for Both Firstsource and Wachovia. If you haven’t received it yet, go check your Junk/Bulk mail. The email may have been tagged spam. In case you really haven’t received any, please post your email again.

    Thanks! And Bookmark/AddToFavorites my page please so your browser can remember! Cheers.

  23. Anonymous Says:


    very informative blog! i am interested in applying in this company (firstsource) and with wachovia as well. my email is thanks!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    pls send details to…thanks a lot!!

  25. Anonymous Says:


    I am interested in the BPO company involved in back office work you referred to in pinoyexchange. Thanks a lot for helping us out. Please send details to

  26. CallCenterVet Says:

    CallCentervet question: Has anybody heard anything from the recruit people of Wachovia or First source ?

  27. Anonymous Says:


    i was a team lead in a call center in alabang and i would like to know more about Firstsource. Please send me information on who accepts applications for them at my personal email address:

    do they also need operations managers there? i have a friend who is also looking for better opportunities.

    thanks very much.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    by the way, i would like to commend you for putting up this site. your initiative to help is highly appreciated. 🙂

  29. mel Says:

    hello callcentervet please send me more info abt firstsource in alabang. im interested!


  30. Anonymous Says:

    please send me more information about firstsource in alabang?thanks

  31. Anonymous Says:

    hi i’m interested pls send me some details about it:

    and also are they open now for entry level back office positions? Thank you.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Hello. Please send me updates if there are open positions for either Workforce Manager, Account Development/Sales Manager, or Business Analysis Manager in First Source. I would like to work with a start up call center. And the location is very much accessible for me. Thanks for the information you posted.

    My email address is


  33. fifi25 Says:

    Hi we are interested in applying for a customer care and my friend wants to know if there is an opening, where can we send our resumes? We have been in the industry for almost 5 yrs. You can send us the info at:

    Please let us know asap. Thanks a lot!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Hi im also interestd in getting a job at first they have a non-voice accnt ?or Q.A position perhaps?…pls email me at


  35. Brian Evidente Says:

    Hi there. I have Team Manager experience, and am currently looking for opportunities in the Sucat/Alabang area, and FirstSource seems to be one of them. If you can send any helpful information, that would be great. My email address is Thank you and you have a good day.

  36. kireina Says:

    Hi! I’m interested to apply, but first of all i just want to ask if there is a non voice account? Please email me at

  37. smile Says:

    hi!! im interested to join first source as well. been working for almost 3 years in the call center business industry and after my marraige last december i just needed to transfer to a company who offers day shifts and or non voice accounts. I no longer want to work at night, its too stressing for me.please reply. pls email at

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